dimanche 9 novembre 2014

Blackwork colorwheel

Hey guys! It's been a long time! Life kept me busy in an unexpected way this summer so here I am finally back and creating! I had a blast creating this colorwheel, even if it was such a big project!

It was my first time trying blackwork and also the first time I was experiencing creating my own pattern! So I'm really happy with how it turned out! I brought it at work and everyday at lunchbreak I would add a few stitches! I started this project back in August and endend it on Monday.

Making this was actually really easy, I took my aida, a 12 inches hoop, a compass, took a few measurements so it would fit nicely in my hoop when finished, drew 4 concentric circles, took a ruler and drew 8 sections. I know a colorwheel usually has 12 sections, but it was easier to draw just 8.

I started by doing the black backtitch to separate each section and then I filled them up using 8 different blackwork patterns. It was easier to stitch the outlines first because I knew exactly where each section endend.

My goal was not really to create an ombre effect, I prefered having a row of dark, bright and pastel colors.

I used 4 blackwork patterns found on the Web, but since I wanted to match each color with a design that was appropriate for it, I ended up creating 4 for them myself. So the snowflake, pumpkin, heart and honeycomb patterns are my very own creations!

I had some requests on Instagram to create a pattern for this, but at this point I'm not quite sur if it will happen since I have no clue what program to use or how to do it... so will see!

Here are a few close-ups!

4 commentaires:

  1. Found you through the &Stitches blog. Your colourwheel is lovely. I wouldn't have the patience to do so much repetitive stitching!

  2. it's so lovely! I love blackwork, I'm working on a piece myself, but I love the way you've used colour in this.

  3. Of course the designs you created yourself are the loveliest ones of all... Tres bien fait!