dimanche 23 mars 2014

A Dishcloth Rainbow

I'm so happy to share my dishcloth rainbow as my first entry in this blog!
If you crochet, you probably have made dishcloths at some point in your crochet carrier too! They are easy and super quick to make. Since I often crochet on my lunch break, it's the perfect project to take to the office with me!
I love working with cotton, even if it's a litte hard on my hand. I'ts a cheap yarn and easy to get in my area. I like both Bernat Handicrafter Cotton and Lily Sugar n Cream, They are pretty much the same to me even if I find Sugar n Cream to be a bit softer. As you can see I prefer solid colors. In fact, it's the only thing I buy... I really don't like variegated or twists.
People who know me well know that when I'm passionate about something, I feel the urge of buying it in every shade available (Thank God I don't care much for cars!!!!), so for weeks, I went hunting for as much solids I as could find at my local Walmart and Michaels and on Yarnspirations. Having gathered all those gorgeous colors, I could not resist making myself a dishcloth rainbow!

You might have seen those photos on Yarnspirations Facebook page! I was so thrilled that they shared them!

Here is a list of brands/colors used
1- Lily Sugar n Cream (LSC) in Warm Brown
2- LSC in Wine
3- Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (BHC) in Country Red
4- LSC in Red
5- BHC in Hot Pink
6- LSC in Rose Pink
7- BHC in Chamomile
8- BHC in Peach Cobbler (from the Sweets & Delights collection)
9- BHC in Tangerine
10- BHC in Hot Orange
11- LSC in Tea Rose
12- BHC in Pale Yellow
13- LSC in Sunshine
14- BHC in Hot Green 
15- LSC in Sage Green
16- LSC in Mod Green
17- BHC in Mod Blue
18- LSC in Robin's Egg
19- BHC in Hot Blue
20- BHC in French Blue
21- BHC in Blueberry
22- BHC in Blue (from the Nautical collection)
23- BHC in Black Currant
24- BHC in Hot Purple
25- BHC in Soft Violet
26- LSC in Black
27- BHC in Stormy Skies (from the Nautical collection)
28- BHC in White
29- BHC in Off White
30- LSC in Jute
I havent decided yet what to do with them... keep those that fit in my kitchen decor and gift/sell the others... or perhaps make myself seasonal sets... because obviously, there is no way they will all fit in my rag drawer. At the moment, they just sit pretty in a big pile a in my bedroom!
Here is the link to the pattern I used. The only difference is that I don't do the embellished border and I use a size 7 (4.5 mm)


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